Areas of Expertise

Princeton Plasma Physics Lab, DOE Office of Science

Fabrication and delivery of the Center Stack Casing (CSC) which is the critical central component of their latest Fusion experimentation.

CSC ready for shipping 11.2022

This new type of reactor must produce high performance plasmas with low-cost magnetic fields; this required design and fabrication to exceedingly tight tolerances for metrology and magnetic permeability and using challenging materials such as Inconel 625 to contend with harsh environments The CSC will provide the inner vacuum wall of the NSTX and structural support for plasma-facing components and coils, and in operation must endure the expected 10-million-degree Celsius thermal load.

HALEU 5B UF 6 Cylinders

Fabrication and delivery of 85 cylinders with valves for the High Assay Low Enriched Uranium program, Direct DOE NE Contract (Ongoing)

Competitively awarded to Oak Ridge Technologies (ORT) in July 2022 for supply of 85 x 5B UF6 cylinders with Valves. This contract and supply is crucial to the Success of the HALEU fuels program that the DOE is initiating.
Containers are fabricated to ANSI -N14.1-2019, Uranium Hexaflouride-Packagings for transport. These containers/cylinders will be used for High Assay and elevated enrichment of uranium suitable to support advanced and new reactor programs.

Idaho Environmental Coalition (IEC)

Pre-named subcontractor for spent fuel support services, fabrication and staffing supply for the environmental cleanup on the Idaho National Lab: Status: Ongoing 10-year potential term

Oak Ridge Technologies worked with the Idaho Environmental Coalition (JV between Jacobs and Northwind) to win the awarded DOE operations contract for Clean up of the Idaho National Laboratory (INL).
In 2021, the Idaho Environmental Coalition, LLC (IEC) was selected by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to manage cleanup operations at the INL Site under a ten-year, $6.4 billion contract. IEC is led by Jacobs and includes North Wind Portage as a partner. IEC’s team of integrated small business subcontractors includes Navarro, ORT and Spectra Tech. Together we offer DOE a team with a history of accelerating cleanup at the Idaho Cleanup Project (ICP) to reduce DOE’s environmental liabilities and to enhance the INL mission.
The ICP scope includes legacy wastes generated from World War II-era conventional weapons testing, government-owned research and defense reactors, spent nuclear fuel reprocessing, laboratory research, and defense missions at other DOE sites. The ICP is funded through DOE’s Office of Environmental Management (EM) and focuses on reducing risks to workers, the public, and the environment, and protecting the Snake River Plain Aquifer, a sole source aquifer that sustains Idaho’s agricultural industry.